Single post layout


I would like to know how to customize the single post layout.

Note my blog page is a nice full width “page”, but when i click on my post from latest news i go to the 1997 wordpress post layout.

I would like to have it full width in the style that you show in the demos. :slight_smile:

How to?


Not sure what we show in the demo, it’s not full width there either.
Use this in a custom CSS plugin to remove the sidebar and make the posts full width:

.single-post .content-area {
    width: 100%;
.single-post .widget-area {
    display: none;

It looks better now, but I see that you have improved the visuals of the blog and single post a lot in later themes. There i guess this is the style and it is theme related wright?

Last question in this topic :slight_smile:

How to get rid of the border and fix the fonts to have it in the same style as the rest of the site?

Thank You

Sorry about the delay.
This will remove the borders:

.hentry .post-content, .single .hentry, .page .hentry {
     border: 0;

Not sure what you mean about the fonts. From what I see one of your posts has the whole content in H3 tags, the others look okay.

Ok thx, its more or less what I had in mind :slight_smile: Last question what size should the image have to cover the full width of the single post?

p.s. the fonts…the small paragraph font and the grey colors I easily configured in the single post menu at the wp dshbord…i forgot about that option … solly for the confusion.