Single post changes help

I have posted many questions here and got solutions quickly not like other famous free themes. Other free themes providers which are very popular, but support are very very bad.
I appreciate you quick responses.
Thank you very much for you awesome support.
This is WordPress help rather than theme support which I am going to ask.
I want my blog content to be apearred as per modified date. As we see in many popular blogs. If i modify some article. That should show first in list and date should be shown as last modified.

Thank you

Hello there,

Thank you for using our themes and we will try our best to serve our client. Please feel free to ask here if you are need help on setting up the theme, fixing bugs and made small modifications to the theme.

About your question in above, Currently, the theme is displayed the post with the published date as the first post. But there is simple way if you want to displayed your post with the modified date as your first post.

You can create a page > add “post loop” widget using page builder > Edit the widget > build your own post query > then choose “modified date” as the order by

Hope it helps