Single Post Breakes

Hi Team,

The website url i am working on is:

I noticed that i cant, make any single posts anymore. It seems that either the theme is breaking this, or the Live composer. Could you please help?

I have 2 test posts to verify:
a custom 404 to see through this URL:

and a regular post:

Please let me know asap what is the workaround for this.

Thanks in advance.

Hello there,

I am sorry to hear you have run into trouble. As I can’t reproduce such this issue on my test site, would mind giving me an admin access to your site? You could send the login credentials to and enclose the link to this thread.


Hi Kharis, The problem is still not resolved, can you have another check?

The issue remains that even in the post you created the content refers to a deeper post. Once you click the link the actual single post shows up and it is without content.

Hope you see what i mean.

Thanks you

I just mailed you. Please kindly check,


Hi Kharis,

Like you suggested I have deactivated and deleted the live composer plugin, (made a backup first) and installed an older version 1.1.3.

Single posts now work as it should again :slight_smile: (to who it may concern the issue is in Live composer version 1.1.4)

One more question regarding the single posts. I have the single post set (in customizer) to full width, but the featured image denies to cover the full width of the single post container. It still remains the size as if there is a sidebar, onle there is non except for white space. The text does cover the full width nicely.

So I added custom css to force full width on the image, and now it covers the full width of the container. so far so good…
The strange thing is only that the image i added is 1240 x664 but the image the single post displays after the custom css looks like it is a small image strechted out. Like the resolution is far lower.

link to the original image:

link to the post:

Can you please advise?