Single employee slug


First of all i would like to congratulate everyone that has contributed to this theme and forums. Great support!!!

I am trying to use the employees section of the theme to add them in certain categories in multiple places of the website. By using the employee widget i have found that i can only display a category of employees in the widget. My question is, is there any way to use multiple employee slugs in the widget instead of just one group?

Unfortunately i am working local at the moment and i am not able to provide a link to the website, however i will add it here as soon as it`s up.

Looking forward for your response.
Thank you kindly


You can display employees from multiple categories, you just need to add them like this in the category field: cat1, cat2, cat3

Hi Vlad,

Thanks for your prompt reply.
Im afraid that will not fit my purpose as i am using multiple <strong>Employees</strong> (DJ-s) for one or more <strong>Projects</strong> (Parties). Initially i have a list of 50+ employees which will constantly grow. Do you think is there any way to modify the widget to work on <strong>employee</strong> slug instead of the category, like dj1, dj2, dj3, dj4 etc just like the example above. I dont see the reason of having a categories with a single employee in them to fit my purpose. there will be a lot of useless duplication.
Please let me know if there is any solution to this. Cheers!

I think we’re getting confused in terms here. The widget already works on the employees slug.

Let me explain how the widget works as I’m not sure I understand exactly what you’re asking:

  • you don’t add any categories -> it displays all employees;
  • you add one (or more) categories slugs -> it displays employees just from those categories. So you can use the widget multiple times with different employees.

What I think you’re asking is if you can select from the widget the employees by name? So DJ Name A, DJ Name B etc.? That I’m afraid is not possible without lots of customization.

It works well if i don`t add any category - all “employees” are displayed there.
However, if i want to add random “employees” from the list they need to be in a certain category which will create a lot of duplication as there is no
what i need it to add multiple “employees” just using the employee slug without it being in a category.

I have tried to use just the employee slug but unfortunately it doesn’t work unless i add the employee in a category and use the category slug instead.

Yeah, that’s what I was saying in the last paragraph. It works only with categories or without categories, can’t pick individual employees. Sorry.

that`s a shame, thanks a lot for your kind help.