Singe Slider Photo

Is there a way to make the homepage slider just one static image?
Also, can there be just one photo for each page instead of rotating?

Not at the moment, no. We’ll see about doing something like this after the theme goes live on

I don’t understand the second question. What photos are rotating?

Sorry, don’t worry about the second question. Do you have a suggest size for the slider images? My photos are coming out pixelated so I want to add backgrounds to them.

Also, can you check out and tell me if it stick when you scroll up and down? It seems to get stuck for me.

You should use at least 1366x768 (something like that, don’t worry about the exact ratio). At the moment you’re using about 400x400, so obviously they are going to get pixelated.

I’m not getting stuck. But you can turn the custom scroller off from Customize > General. I think we’re going to remove the custom scroller anyway because somebody was reporting a similar issue for a different theme.

Vlad, you are a gem. Thank you very much.