Since upgrading PHP - Lost all Rocked Pro settings

Hi Athemes support,
I have just recently upgraded the PHP version on my website to 7.0 and since applying the updates I have not all Rocked Pro options within Wordpress.
Is there a solution to my problem.
I hope I haven’t screwed anything.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Hello there,

Thank you for contacting us.

Which version of WordPress are you running? Is it the latest?

To rule out theme-specific issue, please try tempirarily switching to one of default WordPress themes and see whether the same issue still persists.

aThemes Support

Hi Kharis,
Yes, using the most updated version of Wordpress.
I’ve just tried the default themes and the same issue still persists.
Have reverted back to Rocked Pro theme again.

Hi Gorgi,

Thank you for updating me. Perhaps that issue is due to lower allocated memory limit on your server. You may increase it with your web hosting support department.

aThemes Support