Sidney responsive design

Hi there,

Me once again as I finally have my site upload and working fine, but the mobile responsive design seems not to work at all! please have a look at
As you could see, on firefox website navigator it is correctly displayed while on mobile:
The front page does not charge most of the widgets nor the custom colors and the sections goes better but font colors are missing in some widgets.

Please help, I already checked the mobile settings and find nothing weard… also read your documentation but haven’t found any related solution.

Thanks in advance!

Hello Cristy,

I visited your site on my iPhone, but I still can’t figure out the responsive issue you described. To help me easier figure that out, please take some screenshots. To attach some images in your reply, you’ll need to upload them first to the free file hosting service like and then share their links here.


Hello again Kharis,

Thanks but haven’t you see the differences between the mobile and the web look of the site? The site should look like the web actually does.
Is it ok if i share through dropbox or drive? will be back shortly!

Here the google drive link to mobile screenshots:

These first two are from the mobile home, it looks better but the video doesn’t show nor the text included with it:

These other two are from the communications section: as you could see, color formatting is lost but also lists widget are not displaying. If you scroll down, the quote text widget also lost its custom color

This is the about us section, also lost custom color and widget look

Another example is the footer: not showing any customization…

Moreover all this, I’m also not able to customize the color of the post entry titles of my blog. The blog page is ok, and there they have the right color, but then the single page displays a grey title instead of the customized one…

Thanks once again!

Hi there kharis,

Any news for me? hope you could manage to see the differences between page web and mobile load!

Hello? could you please reply anything just to know if you are working on my question or not?

Hello there,

I am sorry for the long delay.

Regarding to the video background visibility on the mobile screen, it isn’t considered as an issue to resolve due to some mobile browsers incompatibility reasons. You need to alter it with a static image instead.

The styling you’ve done in your communications page loads fine on my phone as seen on the below screenshots. Have you tried with other device?