Sidney Portfolio plugin not showing

I’m using multisites. And for one of the sites I’m having problems with the Sidney Portfolio. I have installed the pluging in the main admin area but somehow it doesn’t seem to be active on

(I’m using it on other sites e.g. without any problems).

Hello there,

Could you confirm if there is at least one portfolio item published publicly, and has a featured image on


no, neither Services, Employees, testimonials, clients or projects are in the dashboard/control panel area

I thought I haven’t explained myself well. Sorry. I meant the project post item. Please go here: Dashboard > Projects > All items. Is there any item published publicly there?


No there’s not.

But I found the answer in one of the other threads.

I had to deactivate the plugin “Types”- and then the posts like Services, Employess etc were available in the dashboard. But thanks for your help!