SideOrigin Slider


can I put to see on the slider 3 photos at once and not one?

This is default option:

I want to have it with 3 photos: Arrows should not be on the top. they can be like in default option.

thank you very much for your help


Hello there,

It looks like it goes beyond the possibility of SO Slide widget could offer. Moreover custom code solution might not be as simple as we might think. There would be a lot of code changes here and there. I am sorry, nothing we can do. At this phase we’ve reached the limit of support service we can provide here in forums. Hence I’d strongly recommend you hire a WordPress coder instead. You could find him at outsourcing services like


Hello Kharis,

I understand! it is ok.
one more Question please: I installed 5 different plugins with slider carousel and no one works. I can not open the page if I put the slider from one of these plugins. Page is non-stop loading. could you help me please one more time.