Sidebar widget not in right position on single post pages

I am populating Projects and Employees and cannot get the Sidebar Widget to appear on the right hand side of the page - so I’ve created my own pages for both Projects and Employees - but this will get rather cumbersome as I continue to develop my site.

Is there anyway to have the sidebar widget appear properly on the single post pages? Right now, the widget appears below the text - not to the right of the main text.

Hello there,

From your site’s dashboard, visit Appearance > Customize > Blog options; disable the option that says “Full width single posts?”.


I’ve checked Appearance > Customize > Blog Options and the check box for Full width single posts? is not clicked. I assume that this means that it is disabled.

I have Blog Layout set to - Masonry (Grid Style); Expert Length set to 20 and no other boxes are clicked

Still not sure what’s going on - but now the side widget doesn’t appear at all.


Hello Andy,

Please go to Dashboard > Appearance > Widget; and see if you’ve put at least one widget in the sidebar. AFAIK, if none widget be found, sidebar will be empty.