Sidebar too large, font encoding failure, "upload image" button inactive


Hello !
Long time no see. That’s why I have a lot of questions !

My draft website with the quill Theme :

  1. Size of sidebar
    I added a widget “about us” in the widget section. I wrote a quite a long text (maybe not a good idea but that’s another problem) and the sidebar was automatically enlarged and an horizontal scrolling created.
    I tried to insert carrier returns -> failed
    What can I do ?

  2. font encoding
    I am creating a french website and the rendering of ’ is not correct. What can I do ?

  3. The "“upload image” of the configuring widget menu (widget about us) is not working at all (not an error, no command seems to be launched).

Thanks for your answer.

I’ll open new topics to organise my questions by subject.



1&2&3) Don’t use the About widget in the sidebar for now please. It’s not meant to be there.

The background image can’t be set in the sidebar because it needs some scripts to work, which only load when you build your front page with the page builder.