Sidebar RSS Title Date & Feed Customizations

So I have read several posts on the sidebar customization and I have had some success but not fully. I have an RSS feed into a sidebar widget that I want to customize the Title, the individual story titles, the dates, and the excerpt text, or basically everything. So the first thing that I did was install Widget CSS Classes to give that RSS feed a class (.realtor) I then installed Custom CSS. I need some direction @


Thank you for contacting us about our theme, Airi Pro. I am happy to help with your queries.

I am sorry, I didn’t get exactly the area you need help with. Can you take a screenshot and put some annotations to point the location, and share it here?

aThemes Support

I have a sidebar, in that sidebar are several widgets. I want to customize the RSS feed title (Green), the titles to each story/article (Yellow), and possibly the date (Blue) and author. I tried a few things from the forum posts but the only thing that I can change is all of the text when I want to have different colors and hover colors.

The first plugin that I installed was Widget CSS Classes thinking I could assign the widget a unique class, I can’t seem to get this to do anything. Then after reading some posts in your forum, I installed Simple Custom CSS which I got that plugin to change the color of the entire RSS feed. Close but I again would like to be able if possible to change the colors of the main title, the titles to each article, the date, the authors, and the hover colors.


Hello, support? Any suggestions on this issue?