Sidebar problem


Hi Vlad,

At the moment i don’t have a sidebar and I don’t know where the problem is.

What I already found out is when i remove
.home #content {
display: none;

from the CSS, the homepage itself the sidebar is available as you can see, but the inner pages (posts to be exactly) still not.

Can you tell me what do I need to change to make the sidebar visible for the inner pages?


.home #content {
display: none;
was added to the CSS to only show the image on the homepage and no other white area beneath it. I would like this back, but have removed it for a short time to see where the problem is and I guess it has something to do with this or not?



Can’t see any posts on your site. I do see a page that doesn’t have a sidebar. Check page.php if the code for the sidebar is there, perhaps you deleted it. It’s not a matter of CSS because the sidebar structure isn’t present in your site’s source.



Well for example, this is a post :
The problem isn’t the sidebar, I checked my own page.php with another site of mine (whick I installed this theme on to compare) and it’s all the same.

So what else can it be?

Thanks for thinking with me!


I have no idea. Could be your custom code changes, could be a plugin (though I doubt it). I assume on the other site the sidebar is showing fine?
Send an admin account to me at vlad[at] so I can have a quick look, maybe I can figure it out.