Sidebar on Homepage

I would like to ask you for help with setting homepage. I need 2 different sidebars - first on homepage, second on blog posts. I have problem with creating new sidebar.

What I do:

  1. In customisation I click on Custom Sidebars, write name e.g. MyMain > save
  2. I go to Widget section in dashboard, put there selected widget to sidebar MyMain
  3. Go to Pages > Homepage > edit > put there GreatMag: Sidebar and choose MyMain > save
  4. When I refresh my hompeage, there is not shown anything on sidebar… that’s very frustrating! :frowning:

I tryied to put there basic wordpress plugins in stead of GreatMag: Sidebar, that works, but without formating :confused:

How can I fix it? I Don’t think I do anything bad, but it seems that anything is not working corectly.

Thank you

Hello there,

To restrict widget’s visibility on a specific page, you can use Widget Logic plugin.

To display the selected widget on hompage, in the widget logic option, enter the below conditional tag:


Visit this codex page to discover other conditional tags.