Sidebar missing

Hi there:

I seem to have done something to remove the sidebar from my main blog page and I can’t get it back. the side bar appears on new pages and on the blog post itself, but not on the blog page. I have gone to Widgets from my dashboard and added the things I want in the sidebar, but when I go to Appearance -> Customize -> Widgets the only thing I see in that list is Footer 1. One the page itself the template drop down menu is not there anymore on that page. Any suggestions on how I fix this?

Sydney version 1.37


Hello Jovelyn,

I am sorry you’ve run into issue. This is a rare issue reported to us. I don’t think that this is theme-related. There might be some script from one of your active plugins interfere it. Please try to temporarily disable the all other plugins except Sydney Toolbox and Page Builder at once. Then to find the source of this trouble, activate them one by one and check your widgets.

Let me know how it goes.