Sidebar & main body content

On pages with right sidebar you cannot click the links in the main body of the page. it seams when you hover on the link or a textbox in the body the mouse wants click on the right sidebar. I have tried on different browsers with the same result.
When you hover/click the mouse into the text box below the info on the right sidebar there is no issue.

can you check it out?


To be honest I’m not sure what you did there. It looks like you’ve added the Layout Builder widget in the sidebar and then you set it to stretch? Anyway, you don’t need to do it like this, simply add your widgets in the sidebar directly from Appearance > Widgets.
As you have it now it stretches over the rest of your content.

I did do that, I found the spacing and overall layout was better with layout builder versus individual widgets. just to note I have had that set up for a while with no issue, its seems sometime last week it stopped working. if that seems to be the root, I will check those settings and report back.

That worked, I had the row set to full width… changed it to standard and it corrected itself.

Thanks Vlad… great theme and even better support!