Sidebar in Shop Page

The sidebar on my Shop & Products pages is on the left. On the Cart & Checkout pages, it’s on the right. All the pages are set to Default Template. The Ninjas at WooCommerce tell me it’s a theme issue. Any ideas?

Hello there,

Sorry for the theme upsets you. That was designed like so though. But it doesn’t meet your need. So you want the sidebar to be positioned on the right side on all pages?


The theme does not upset me. Yes, I would like the sidebar on the right side on all pages. Or on the left on all pages
What I do not want is the sidebar on the left on some pages and on the right on some pages - which is what I have right now. And I’m trying to figure out why that happened.

Hello there,

It was intentionally designed like so, but it doesn’t meet your need. To have the sidebar be always on the right side, you need to add the below custom CSS code through Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS.

@media only screen and (min-width:992px){

    float: left !important;
    float: right !important;


Thank you. That worked.
And I am trying to understand this, but I do not understand why a theme is “intentionally designed” with an inconsistency like that - sidebar on left this page, sidebar on right that page. Is there a reason for that?
I paid $49 for Sydney Pro and I do not see the value. What will it cost me to be able to set my sidebar and perform other basic operations under Appearance?


The reason is quite simple. Shops usually have their sidebar on the left. I don’t know if there are statistics that show this is better, but that’s how it’s usually done. Sorry if this caused inconveniences.

My question is: why is the sidebar on left on the shop and products pages, but the sidebar is on the right the cart and checkout pages. It had to be designed that way. Why is that?
And is there another theme that gives me sidebar options under Appearance?

Because the shop and product pages are Woocommerce pages while the cart and checkout pages are regular pages that just hold a shortcode. So we cannot target the checkout and cart pages simply because we don’t know which pages you’ll set up for the checkout or cart.

We don’t have any theme with options for sidebar position mostly because it’s easy to change with a bit of CSS, as Kharis pointed above. So we’d rather spend the time and help people that might want to customize this aspect rather than bloat the theme with options that perform only simple tasks.

Now I understand. Thank you.