Sidebar-footer polylang (SOLVED)

I use the Sydney Theme and the Polylang Plugin. (Both in the newest version)
Strange thing is: The sidebar-footer (HTML-Tag ‘div id=“sidebar-footer” class=“footer-widgets widget-area” role=“complementary”’) is showing on the website version with the default language.
On any translated version of the website (I use Polylang with different domains per language) the footer is not showing and the div if mentioned before does not exist in the Sourcecode of the page.

Link German (Default language):
Link French:

Does anyone have a clue why this happens?
Thanks for any answer.

Hello there,

Is site on separate WordPress installation? I am curious whether it has its own wp admin. Please check if the footer widgets is exactly same as default language’s.


Hi Kharis
Thanks for your answer.
It is the same Wordpress installation. No Multisite.
I just work with polylang configuration.


Thanks for the hint. I’ve checked the widget configuration. I defined it only for DE. awkward. Sorry for that.
Maybe it helps someone else. :slight_smile: