Sidebar cutting off iframe 300x250

Could anyone tell me what to do about the sidebar cutting a 300x250 off? I either have it completely cut off or it shows scroll bars. Everything else appears to resize properly in the sidebar.

Hello there,

I’d like to help, but please provide a link to a related page, so I can check.


Hi Kharis,

Please see the iframe on this page that is also cutting off - It appears to work in some browsers, but I’m seeing it cut off in Safari desktop.

And the sidebar issue can be seen here:

Thank you so much!

Just wondering if you had any ideas?

Hi there, I was just told that the URL that I sent in my previous message was hidden as promotion. So, I’m not sure how to send a URL that you can look at.

Hello, sorry for delay.

We have to fight spam, but sometimes we get false positives.

Anyway, I’m not sure what exactly is your issue (I didn’t notice what you described on your site), so can you please provide some explanatory screenshots as well?

Kind Regards, Roman.