Sidebar Bug

I am having YouTube subscribe button in sidebar. I’m having issues with the same.

On hompage sidebar the button is displayed in 1 line and not completely visible, while on the other pages it is displayed with too much gap from the heading.

Both are wrong. 1 & 2 in the attached images. 3 is correct and how it shall be.

Here is the attached image.

What could be the issues with the sidebar?

The button is displayed properly if used anywhere other than sidebar.

I developed the button using this link.

No matter what I do, i.e. changing the rotating the position of YouTube subscription to 2nd position, etc it does not solve the issue.

But sometimes it displays correctly most of the times not.



Can you post the URL of your site?

I do not want to share the URL here as it is still not ready. Can i send the url via email?

yes, you can send the URL to awan.rimbawan101 at gmail

Thanks for the URL.

Checked your site and I am not sure why there (only happened in About page) is blank space in above the youtube button. But you can add this css code using simple custom css plugin to remove those blank space:

.fluid-width-video-wrapper {
    padding: 0 !important;

Thanks. Work on about and contact page. But the original issue for homepage still exists.

On homepage sidebar the button is displayed in 1 line and not completely visible.

Number 1 in the attached image.

The youtube button in the homepage sidebar is displayed as well

Please try to clear cache of your browser.

Sometimes it works, sometimes does not.