Sidebar (and footer) disappeared on mobile site after they were displayed

I used the fix described in post #24301 (from June 5, 2015) which initially allowed the footer to display on a mobile site. That worked two days ago. Now both my sidebar and footer are missing after making some changes to the site today. My child theme is pretty clean, and I’ve deactivated my plugins one by one to see if that changed anything, but no luck.

Can you help? Thanks!
Site is

Never mind–I finally figured it out! I lost a “}” along the way.

I take that back. Gone again. Am I imagining it, or did I at one time see a sidebar on the mobile site? Either way, the footer is gone again. Something must be conflicting, but I can’t figure out what it is.

Hello there,

I just visiting your site and the sidebar is appears but not with the footer because your footer text color is black.

To change the footer text color, please add this css code to your child theme:

.site-footer {
    color: white;

Thank you, Awan!

It was actually the footer widgets that were gone, but they’re back. I’ll also update the footer text–that was on my list of things to do. Thanks for the reminder!!