Side Menu Color


Is there any way to change the side menu background color maybe in CSS or something? The default is a dark grey.


Here is the css code:

  • change the background color of the menu container:
.secondary-navigation {
    background-color: red;

change the background color when menu item is hovered:

.secondary-navigation li:hover {
    background-color: black;

I need this as well, want to change mine to white, and the font to grey, where/how do I change the font.

I would like to do the same with the footer and the Call to Action bar. The call to action will be reversed.

Hi, I need to change just the font now on this side bar next to the slider, if you can provide me with the code.



Sorry for the delays, I think I miss this thread.

I just check your site, did you have manage it already?