Side doesn't show up correctly

I installed everything and it worked just fine. But somehow there is something wrong on some of my pages. Now if I click on some pages only the background picture shows up - without Menue and Text/Pictures. The Page works only correct after I press the refreh button two or three times. What happens here and who can help?

Thank you ever so much!

Post a link to one of the pages that has this issue please.

Thank you for answering:

Please check this page. Sometimes it works better after I have emptied the cache.

And I now have a second problem: I just added wp smush it and now I can not upload pictures anymore?

The page looks fine for me. You probably have some cache issues as you mentioned.

Yeah, sometimes Smush-it does that. Obviously it’s not theme related. Check the plugin’s settings and you can stop it from processing images on upload and you can simply run it manually after you upload your images.

Can I solve the Cache Issues somehow for the future?

concerning wp smush it - this is still not working. If I would delete it, is there another plug in for obtimise pictures that will work good with moesia?


The cache issue is related to your browser, as I mentioned it’s working fine for me.

To be honest I don’t even know if WP Smush-it works anymore because they’re using a service provided by Yahoo that doesn’t work anymore as far as I know. Don’t know about other plugins, I’m using to optimize images.

Just to let you know: it was a problem with the php version and had to do something with my provider!!! Thank you so much for your support!