Side bar widget not getting to side of home top widget

Hello Awan,

After implementing the below code(given by you 3 weeks back), i am unable to place a side bar widget, to the side of home top widget. The space is staying empty. Pls let me know how can i place a side bar widget here. if i am creating any side bar widget, it is coming below the home-top widget.

.home-widgets-top .recent_posts_e {
float: left;
width: 33%;


.home-widgets-top .col-md-3:nth-child(3),
.home-widgets-top .col-md-3:nth-child(4),
.home-widgets-top .roll-spacer {
display: none,
.home-widgets-top .col-md-3 {
width: 33.33%;

.home-widgets-top .roll-title{
padding: 0px;


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