Side-bar menu to Sydney pro-theme (like the one in ''Intro'' theme)

Hi aThemes!
We’ve just purchased your amazing theme ‘‘sydney pro’’ and have a couple of questions regarding the features we would like to add to it. We really hope you can help us!

  1. We really love the sidebar-menu from the ‘‘Intro’’ theme. The one with the “plus”-sign which transforms into a “cross”-sign to close it.
    Could you please be so kind and let us have this specific feature in the Sydney Pro theme? We were so eager to get started with a theme from your beatiful selection that we accidentaly bought the Sydney Pro theme without that specific menu function.

  2. We were also wondering if it would be possible to add a video which plays in the background instead of the image-slider in the header area?

  3. Can we add a video-area in the header which turns into a pop-up-window when clicked?

  4. How do we get rid of the blog posting feature? (We are building this to be a business website, not a blog.)

Our website is:

Thank you in advance!
Have a great day :slight_smile:
Best regards,
Oscar & Katrine


  1. It’s a different theme with a different design. I personally don’t see this as a design element that will be included in Sydney, sorry. But we can refund you if Sydney Pro isn’t what you’re after, just let me know :slight_smile:
    2&3. You can add any kind of video in the header using the bundled Revolution Slider. Can’t make it a pop-up though.
  2. Not really sure I follow here. If you don’t want a blog for your site simply ignore it and don’t link to it from your menu.


Thanks for the info! I think we went on with the wrong theme, we would love to get a refund so we can use Intro instead.

Is it enough that I say that we wish a refund here or are we supposed to email you about it?

Have a great day,


Send an email please to charlie[at] please so he can refund you.