Shrink space between header and content

In pagebuilder, I’ve made the row padding 0 and the widget padding 0, yet the content still starts a little further down on the page than I’d prefer. Is there a css code which can adjust the padding between the header and the start of the content? Thanks!

Please share a link to your page with us. Then we could write you your code.

It is - the main page looks ok but if you look at the sub pages, there’s a lot of white space before the content starts. Thanks again!

.page-wrap {
  padding: 0 !important;

This should reduce the whitespace a bit. Is it alright or should it be even smaller?

Best regards

You got it - thanks!

Where do you put this code? Never mind! Found it hehe

How can I reduce that space more?

You have to reduce the padding in the row settings in your backend.

It helped me to reduce the space but there is still some unwanted space and I have my row spacing set to 0. please help !

home page

Got the solution. I just changed the page template to “front page” and it worked. Thank you !!!