Showing 1 column less than defined

It appears that 1 column is missing from my website, no matter how many column i choose. Right now it is defined to 3 columns, but i see only 2. I tried different display setting, and it even went down to 1 column.
I have tried to define 4 columns, and it shows 3. I tried to define 2 columns, and it shows only 1.

Please help understanding what happened. I have installed the theme and it showed 3 columns, and now it shows only 2 even though i haven’t changed anything.
Website is here: (this is only a mock-up site i use to first design my website)

Hi Bart,

Thank you for purchasing our Alizee theme. I took a look at your site, but was unable to spot the issue right away. Can you provide me access to your back-end, so that I can look it up directly?


Hello Alizee,

Just help about my website
I can’t have in Internet explorer neither Google Chrome, just have the background picture. Also when we try to make a search about Askal hybrid arnis in google we have
Can you help me about these mistakes. Thanks a lot