Show projects with title and caption


Is there another way of showing Projects other than through Masonry? Ideally i’d like for them to have a title and a brief description, something like a regular post.

As it is Projects actually look more like a gallery and not a portfolio brief.

Appreciate the help, and as always awesome theme!


Not within the theme, no. You’ll need to find some plugin that lets you display any custom post type you want or alternatively build your projects directly with another plugin.

Incase anyone’s after the same thing- Turns out I could get the effect by

  1. Making my “projects” as a post and then putting them in a category i.e. “projects”

  2. Making use of Sydney Latest News and filtering by category (this widget will always pull info from the posts section. Future idea: extend this by introducing a filter for custom post type).

  3. By putting “projects” under posts this has the side effect of showing them as well in your blog page. Installed “Simply Exclude” plugin to stop this from happening.

Now all my portfolios are shown nicely with aligned images, titles and short descriptions. (which is exactly what blog posts are but I digress)