Show only 9 projects but account all for filters


I want to limit the number of shown projects to e.g. 9 on the initial view (or “View all”).
When the filters are used, there should also be max 9 projects but out of all existing projects.
At the moment, the filters only work for the first 9 projects…

How can I manage that, because I have more than 20 Projects, in future maybe more then 50 and I don’t want to show more than 9 at once.

Found the same problem several times here in the forum but no solution… hopefully available now?

Thanks for your support,

Hello Jörg,

Currently projects widget doesn’t have such functionality, but this issue is already in our list, so it may be changed in future theme version.

Kind Regards, Roman.


Meanwhile there is a workaround by using javascript to ‘click’ a default category after loading the page.
So the main category ‘all’ was hidden with CSS and after loading all projects the javascript activate/click the wanted default.

For details take a look here: Remove "all" category from Project portfolio


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