Show more posts on carousel


I change the width of my caroussel items to 150px, following this instructions:

But between items, there is a huuuge blank space. I just want to show 5 items each time, instead of 4. How can I show the 5?

I was trying to find the cause, but I don’t know where it is (I even search the .js files, but changing things like:
items : 5,
itemsDesktop : [1199, 5],

don’t work :frowning:

I only know that there is something making my “owl-item” beign like 285px width.

Sorry to bother you, thanks for your help!

Hello there,

I checked topic on which you were referring to. It has nothing to do with number of carousel items. You don’t need to change carousel image sizes, so revert that change. Only thing which you have to change is number of items inside carousel-init.js, so set values to 5 like on screenshot , and carousel will display 5 images

Of course, make sure that each post from selected category have featured image.

All the Best!


Thank you dimikjones!! It worked perfectly!! ^^