Show module row from side to side (dotted line)

I’m trying to see the module row (the orange one) as a dotted line from right to left of the page, so I can insert a background image shown from side to side. Actually, I’m referring to 2 dotted lines, one above, one below, and the box of widgets inside.
I can’t see it. I’ve designed a website with Tora, there it works just fine. Now, I’m working with Moesia and I see only orange solid box, not from side to side, but rather in the middle of the page and obviously, background picture is shown only inside of the orange box.
I’ve found these links, but none of them helped me:

Hello @roymesi,

Please note that Moesia theme is designed to work with Page Builder by SiteOrigin.

If you are using another plugin, then please contact its support regarding this issue.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Ok, thank you.
I’ve installed Page Builder and I’m trying to set a picture from right to left, but same problem.
It seems as if there’s a frame which does not got to the sides of the page and all texts and widgets are inside this frame.
I want to place a picture in a frame in the middle of the page that will stretch from far right till far left…
I’ve tried setting Page attributes for ‘Full width’ but it does not solve the problem.
Thanks again.

Hello @roymesi,

Please edit the page, edit a row (hover over wrench icon and click Edit Row), expand Layout section on the right side of the screen, select Full Width for Row Layout, save your changes.

Also please check Moesia theme and Page Builder by SiteOrigin plugin documentation if you haven’t done it already:

Kind Regards, Roman.


I have exactly the same problem with LIVE COMPOSER and the theme WEST (free version).
If I’m right, this theme is one of yours.

Would you have an idea how to resolve it?

It’s working well with other themes but not with WEST.

Thanks for your help.

Nb: I already checked multiple forums, and tried many CSS changes. Didn’t work. FYI, I’m not very technical.

Hello @julien638,

Can you please create a new topic in West forum with detailed description of your issue?

Kind Regards, Roman.

I did not succeed in solving this issue as I was told it is concerned with the Theme properties and definitions. I’ve received a detailed answer in another forum but that was the bottom line.

Hello @roymesi,

Do you need more help?

You can create a new topic if you have another question.

Kind Regards, Roman.