Show images posts on the frontpage

After installing this theme, the images don’t show up on the frontpage posts.
If I create a new post, I setup Features Images and it show up.
But, how could I get that the old posts show also the images?
My blog was created several years ago.
Using other themes, I can see the images, but with this one, not.
Please help.

Hi there,

Could you please tell me which post widget that have the issue?


Please visit
All the posts but the last one, that I changed the featured picture.
As I mentioned, the blog was created several years ago.
If I change the theme, the pictures are there on the frontpage.
But with NewsAnchor pro to show the pictures I would to have change each post with featured pictures.

Any help?


Can you please to check: Customize > blog options > featured image
Make sure both options are not ticked.