Show header image only on first frontpage

Is there anyway to show the header image only on the first frontpage. not if i go back to page 2, page 3 and so on.
right now it shows on every page the header image.
I have already activated the option in customize, but that only stops showing the header image in single post view.

Perhaps you added individual header images. Cant check your site now. See our demo site, the option is active and working.

which demo site? i dont see a demo site which is setup like my site. you use a fixed page as frontpage not latest posts.
and the only demo site i can find only has 3 posts, there is not even a second page to try it out, how can it work then?

i uploaded a couple picture and set it to randomize, thats all. there is no setting for setting individual header images… not that i see of. could you be more specific please

you also seem to ignore my other issue…