Show full content instead of excerpt in live composer

Hello there.

I am trying to have a page only displaying posts of a certain category, but I am not being able to fully achieve this goal.

I created a page in live composer and created a post module selecting the post category I want to be displayed. I could get the posts to be filtered (so that only posts with the selected category show up), however I am having trouble to display their post content instead of their excerpt. Even if I select “content” in the excerpt settings in the live composer panel, I still only get the excerpt to be displayed.

I’d like the content to be displayed instead of the excerpt so that users can click on the links available in the post. Also, as excerpt there’s no formatting for the text, meaning the whole post looks like a single plain paragraph.

To solve the problem form now, I created a text block with the info, but I really need this to automatic to help in the editing, etc.

Could you please help me out?

The page I am trying to set is in this link and the post block I am trying to edit properly is the one with gray background.

Thank you in advance for your support.


Hello Murilo,

In the posts module settings, go to Styling > Excerpt; then enable Content for “Excerpt of Content” option and leave empty the “Max Length ( amount of words )” box.


Hi Kharis!

Thank you so much for your quick reply.

It partially worked! The content is being displayed now instead of the excerpt, however, everything still is displayed in a single block. Is there a way to fix it?