Show Full Content in a Post in Blog Category


I have categorized Posts into a Blog label so they all show up under ‘Blog’

When viewing all Posts in the blog, I have selected Full Text to show in feed (in Settings > Reading) but you still can’t see a slideshow I have put in the beginning of one Post. It says the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6 (as if listing the slideshow images) and then continues with the text. I want to see the full enlarged slideshow. Is this fixable with Sydney itself OR is this a problem due to the type of slideshow/plugin I have used which apparently isn’t responding to the theme…? Is there a Sydney-responsive widget for a post slideshow that WOULD be able to be seen in full in the Blog Category?


Blog category to see what I mean is:

Hello there,

I don’t know in which way you have included slider on single posts, but you can try to enable full content from Appearance > Customize > Blog Options > Content/Excerpt, and check boxes like this

All the Best!