Shopping Cart Compatible?


Just curious if there is any shopping cart that would be suggested for the use of this theme? Right now I have WooCommerce, but if there is one that would work better then I’m down to switch!


There isn’t support for any shopping carts at the moment, so feel free to use the one that works best for you. We might add that in the future. Would like to see how you’re using WooCommerce in your site if you don’t mind sharing the link.


WooCommerce seems to be working well so far, minus the exception to what it is doing to the logo in the main menu. It only does it on the pages for the “shop”, “cart” and “account”. Im checking out some WP threads and I think Im gonna have to chime into the CSS or something. Before I do I thought I would see if you knew of an easier fix through the theme? Link is below.


Add this to a custom CSS plugin:

.site-logo {
    max-width: 100px !important;


Thank you sir!