Shopping cart and cashier moesia pro

We have the Moesia Pro theme, and really enjoy it!
We are making a woocommerce online store.
But we cant seem to find out how to make cashier site and shopping cart.
We have a product site, with a product, but when we ”continue to shopping cart” we just get into a site which are empty.
We decided our selves in the woocommerce settings that this was the site we wanted to transfer to. But have can we get content here?
Is there a plugin which can make a shopping cart and cashier as there is in many other themes already?
We have tried different free themes, which all have shopping cart and cashier built in.
Thank you!


If you haven’t done the configuration wizard for Woocommerce when prompted by the plugin, you’ll need to create a new page and assign it for the checkout (I think you already did this from what I understand) then put the cart shortcode on that page: [woocommerce_cart] (
Doesn’t have much to do with the theme :slight_smile: