Shop Page product not full width

On the shop page I have a carousel that displays the products. The carousel has two items, a heading which and the product (wp bakery and woo commerce). If you look at the page you will notice that shop items are cut off on the right side.

I also made a test page and put in 4 columns and inserted the woocommerce product into each column and the same result.

Prior to updating the theme the spacing was ok, since updating the issue has started.


Thank you for contacting us. I am happy to help with your queries.

As inspected, seems likely you’re getting an issue with the product grid widget/module inserted with Visual Composer. Indeed, I can confirm it is not related with the theme.

So I’d suggest contacting the author of Visual Composer plugin to get help with this. I believe they will be able to help for you’re their user.

aThemes Support