Shop page not displaying in WooCommerce breadcrumb

I want my “Shop” page to be the route page when my customers are shopping… not the Home page. At the moment, the only time the Shop page shows in the breadcrum is when I’m on the Shop page. When I go to a single product page the breadcrumb reads as Home/Website Packages (Category)/Starter Website (Product).

I want it to read Home/Shop/Website Packages/Starter Website

How can I achieve this?


Hello Karl,

This is WooCommerce plugin issue, not a theme issue.

Please check this WooCommerce documentation page for more information:

Kind Regards, Roman.

Thanks for the lin Roman. I’ve managed to sort it out by changing Home name in the breadcrumb to Shop and direct the URL to the Shop page.

Great, thank you for sharing that Karl!

Kind Regards, Roman.