Shop menu


I want to create a shop in Fashionista with Woocommerce, on an already existing page.
Is there a way to add a third menu wich will only show up on one side?
I have a full menu now, and when i add Woocommerce it trows cart, checkout, etc into my existing menu. I thought about using the top menu for the shop related stuff, and the main menu for my own pages, but when viewed on a mobile, the main menu disapears and turns into a symbol, so it wont be visible for mobile users.
I guess if i can just add a Shop page to my main menu, and then have the rest of the shop related pages appear when you click it, in a third menu, that would solve the problem.

Hope that made sense :slight_smile:



Hi Sabine,

If I have understood you well here, then you want to have woocommerce pages in a different menu. If you want to use the top menu for that then, first go to Appearance >> menus and create a new menu and add the pages to it and save it.

You can follow this link for more details on creating menus.

Hope it helps!