Shop Images all out of focus?


If you don’t describe your problem we’re not able to help you.
If you’re referring to the shop categories image being blurry, it’s because you’ve uploaded very small files.

I have check this and it has just happened, and no the images are not very small…It was fine a few days ago, until I did the Sydney pro update?

I have thousands of images dating back to 2012, you want me to go change all of them all over again? They are fine too when you click on them and the pop out window…so its something to do with updating!!

The images you uploaded might not be small, but the image size that is used for the shop catalog is 100x100 on your site. That’s not something the theme sets, check Woocommerce > Products > Display > and see the image sizes there.

no its not its set at 438 x 438 and its still not changed or made any difference when i change…but this does not changes the fact that before the other day all was fine?

Switch to a different theme for a bit and have a look if the images stay the same.

if i change theme its going to bugger up the whole site?

No, just change it for a bit to any theme you want without making any changes.

No did not make any difference, and woocommerce say its the theme thats causing the issue, so please can you get this sorted, it looks terrible!

If changing themes doesn’t make a difference then it’s not a theme issue. And it can’t be a theme issue because: 1) it looks okay on our demo site and other sites, 2) the theme doesn’t control Woocommerce image sizes.

Try to remember what you did exactly before this happened. Also to use a thumbnail regeneration plugin and regenerate some of your images that look bad.

Look, all the images where fine until I updated the theme, last week, So why would everything be fine then, and all of a sudden all the images in the shop are blurred???

I understand what you’re saying but you must also understand that the theme doesn’t control those image sizes. And no update had anything to do with the catalog images. It has just a coincidence as I assume the images didn’t get blurred at the exact moment when you updated the theme, did they?

As I said before, they’re blurred because the shop catalog image size from WC is set at 100x100 from somewhere. If it’s not from the WC settings, then it’s from somewhere else.

I wish I could help but there’s nothing I can do here.