Settings file and slider

I’ve uploaded the Sydney Pro settings file as per your instructions and according to your documents the home page should take on the same styling as the Sydney pro theme, although the text and buttons over the main images still looks like the normal Sydney theme. How can I get these to update? The rest of the home page looks fine.

I also want my site to have one main image – so I’m using the same image on each of the slides for the slider, but the image jumps around from the first to the second slide. How can I get the image to stay in the same position? I only want the wording to change.

The Sydney Pro demo uses the bundled Revolution Slider plugin in the header instead of the default slider.
When you activated the theme you should have seen a notice to install the slider. After that you can configure it with whatever you need and the go to Customize > Header Area and you’ll see the option for Revolution.
In short, it’s a whole different slider and the styling of the text and buttons is just something we did for the demo. You can literally do anything you want from Revolution’s options :slight_smile:

If you would like to stick to the default slider go back where you’ve set your image and you’ll notice the speed setting. It says right there that you need to add 0 to disable it.