Setting Up Columsn

I set it up to have three columns. I made one page and it showed up in column one. Easy enough. but then I made another page and it doesn’t show up. I’ve just got one of the columns showing up and it’s on the far left. Can’t figure out how to get content in those three columns. Frustrating.

Hello there,

You can’t set the other page to have column layout because its only possible for the home page only.

And as default your post should be displayed automatically on those column layout.


Here my site is at What I’m saying is that I want to actually make all three columns appear. I’ve set it to have 3 but only one is showing. How do I get all three to show? Is the only way blog posts?



Your home page looks like applied to the static page, can you please go to: customize > Static Front Page > and choose “Your latest posts” for the front page displays.

Right, but I don’t want my new blog posts showing up on the home page. I want a static set up for the home page with three columns that don’t change.


Unfortunately, there is no option to add column layout to another pages. The column layout is only available for the home page only.

But you can try to hire developer or contact codeable for full support of an advance customisation about the theme.