Setting anchors / same page- scrolling

Hi all,

Love this layout, but I am not sure if I can achieve what I was aiming too with it, so I would really appreciate some help :slight_smile:

This is the website I made thanks to the Sydney layout:

Now what I am trying to create here, is a one-page / scrolling website. I would like my menu items to redirect to the different widgets on the front page (so within the same page), using anchors. Yet I can’t find a way to do this.

What I am looking for is something like this (I think), but this option is not available with the Sydney layout, I believe?

Any help would be highly appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks!

Solved it! I just clicked the widget instead of the row options. Sorry, solved this already, the documentation was actually really clear and helpfull :slight_smile: Thanks!