Set minimum width for responsive resizing


Sorry to bother you again, but I just ran into another (serious) problem.

The theme is so responsive it resizes much too far for my needs. Is there a way to change the css to tell the theme to not resize further than to a specific minimum width?

I need the .entry-content to be at least 350 pixels, otherwise it’s totally breaking my layout. I’ve seen other sites which stop resizing at some point, but I couldn’t figure out how the managed that.

Thanks so much in advance.
Btw, is there any possibility for a donation via paypal?



Well, the theme is meant to be responsive enough to display nicely on devices with a minimum width of 240px.

I’m not sure what you mean by breaking the layout, could you post a link to your website?

Anyway, this code should keep your .entry-content to a minimum of 350px:

@media only screen and (max-width: 440px) {
    .single .content-area,
    .page .content-area {
          width: 410px;

I don’t really know about donations, the site owner should tell you about this.
What I do know is that we’re going to release the premium version for Alizee today or tomorrow. Stick around and you might be the first client :slight_smile:


Thanks Vlad!

I’m using some content which is not scalable, so I need a certain width.
And as I’m still creating the site on my local PC, I can’t send a link at the moment.

But your snippet helped a lot! Thanks again!

Hi Nils,

Donations is an interesting idea, but we aren’t accepting them at the moment. Maybe in the future, though. As Vlad mentioned, we’re going to be releasing a premium version of Alizee soon and hopefully people who want to show their appreciation for the work we do will buy a copy.

Hello Nils,

The pro version of Alizee is ready and available for purchase if you’re interested :slight_smile:

You can find it here.


Hi, please look at - it shows up great on a laptop or ipad (if held horizontally). But the sidebar is not visible on a phone or when the ipad held vertically.

theme Alizee

Yeah, the sidebar is hidden on smaller devices through CSS.

Please open your own topics in the future if you’ll have other questions.

I would start my own topoic, but cannot figure out where on the site to start one.

I am logged in and cannot find a NEW topic area anywhere.

sorry, can you guide me?