Set header menu to transparent?


First of all, thanks for a beautiful looking theme, Vlad!

Okey, now to my question.

  1. Can I set the header menu to be transparent like in the Sydney Theme? That would be really nice.

  2. More a tip and a question. I like Siteorigin page builder its stable and works with every theme. But I recently discovered a new page builder from Elementor. It’s not as solid as SO pagebuilder, but it has great potential. So it maybe something to keep your eye on in the fututre.


  1. No, I’m afraid not. The menu is completely different. Perhaps we’ll see about adding it as an option in the future.
  2. Yeah, I’ve played with it a bit. It’s cool but at the moment it’s not developer friendly. We were actually talking about it but I don’t know if it’s okay to use yet another page builder. We’ll see.

Okay. Thanks anyway. I was able to find a workaround to the menu issue through some css-code.
So that work for now.

Dear copen

It would be helpful, if you showed the css-code in this thread, that solved your problem.

Okay works when using static menu. {
z-index: 999!important;
position: absolute;
width: 100%;