Set featured image size

I want the featured image to be same width as the content area width in blog post, (page layout is with sidebar not full width)

Is it possible to set wider featured image size.

Thank you in advance.

Hello there,

By default the post featured image size is already set to be the same width as the post content width. Maybe you were using other theme before? The image size won’t be updated automatically to the size which has been specified in the Sydney until you regenerate it.

Try to install and activate the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin, then go to Tools > Regen. Thumbnails.


Thank you very much for your support

Hello again,

The plugin that you suggested is not working

Hello Arina,

Is there any error message be displayed during regenerating the thumbnails?


Hi again,

There is no error message, but the image size hasn’t changed, after I regenerate my site and upload new image.

Thank you

Hello again,

maybe the image size defends on its original size. when i upload bigger image it works as i want.

thank you again for your professional support