Services widget

Hi, I am testing the Sydney theme for a customer and when I enter the services widgets they do not appear in the front page. I check the videos on the web but it does not work. I tried installing and un installing the theme and nothing changed.
Also the ames of empleyees and services do not appear inm the left side pof my wordpress dashboard, as they are in tutorial videos…
Pls could you check it?
The link is


Hi Laura,
have you import the settings file for the theme? check it out here

Hi, thanks, I realized i had to install the types function. I’ve just done it. Other question, I am entering all the services. How can I order each services? For instance, the first I enter is the last is showed. I want to put it first. Is there any way to order it without re-create them?
Congratulations this theme is fantastic!

I have other question how can I add services and the other types in the main menu? Your video tutorial “selectin fonts” shows them included in the menu, I want to put the name of services or clients in order to make a clic on them and the page go down to this section but in the same home page. Is it possible?


I think there’s no feature to sorting the services/posts. This theme are using default settings from wordpress when creating a post, but with different taxonomy.

fyi. you still can to try to sorting your posts by installing simple custom post order plugin, I thought

Then for the link to sections on the front page, you can follow the steps here

Thanks! I changed the publish timetable of each service and It worked!