Services Widget Icons How to turn, convert, each service in to an Individual Link

in Services row widget.
Servicios in my screen shot, I have been unable to figure out how to make each one of the services listed a link that takes us to another page.
I want each service listed be a link.
one link for eventos , another for Delivery, another for Restaurante

Please let me know how modify, add or subtract extra services with links if necessary on the script you may provide for future reference.
Thank you In advance

Hello, please try to edit a service and fill Service link input field.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Of course I tried to do that but there is only one link option, for one button.
I need to have a link for each service individually on that widget not a genera service link to another page were people will need to again click to go to the specific service page.

This is what I see in the service widget editor

Please edit each service, not the widget itself.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Thank you for your time.
Sadly for me your explanations is quite vague so, at least for me it didn’t help at all to understand what it needed to be done.

I asked this because after seeing many youtube videos and googling what I needed to accomplish I didn’t find the answer anywhere.
After messing up countless hours with different options I discovered what it needs to be done.
I don’t really understand the logic of it but.
For some reason I thought that after creating each services under services they would be automatically linked to the corresponding Service category on the Services widget. So when that never happen I tried to google what it needed to be done with out success, didn’t find it either on those 1hr to 2hr youtube tutorial either, maybe I ended up skipping that part,…

Well finally… I never thought I would need to copy and paste the permalink created for that service on the exactly same Service editor page.

I will explain what it needs to be done to turn the Services listed on the Sydney Services Widget A in to individual Links with Screen shot If somebody has the same doubt



Roman Now I understand what you meant, sadly you didn’t explain to me where exactly find the SERVICE LINK input field :wink: