Services titles of different colors

Hello Vlad,

is it possible to set different colors for each title and icon in the “our services” widget in the front page.

Thank you in advance


Yeap, you can do it with some custom CSS. Add this to a custom CSS plugin please:

.service:nth-of-type(1) .service-icon {
      background-color: #333;
.service:nth-of-type(1) .service-title {
      color: #333;

Change #333 to your color and repeat the code as many times as you need it while changing (1) with the service number.

Thank for the prompt reply, it works fine now.

And here we go for a new problem: we’ve got the same issue illustrated in the first post of this thread
Only on Firefox the Revo slider content shifts to the right when we scroll up.

Can you advise?

Thank you again.

Well, it’s not quite the same thing though it’s also caused by a FF limitation. Use this please for now:

.has-rev {
     clear: both;